TikTok is the future

Where it started

After being laughed out of a team meeting at Microsoft for jumping on the latest social network, all I wanted to do was create content for it.

For those of you that don't know TikTok (formerly music.ly) is a video creation tool and social platform that allows users to create videos to popular or custom soundtracks. It's a ton of fun and I'd suggest you take it for a spin, be warned though as it's super addictive and the average time someone spends on the platform is 53 minutes a day.

The challenge

For anyone that knows me, I love being the underdog. I love trying the most unpopular things. I even do this when I play video games. I always pick the most unpopular class because I want to see for myself if it’s really that bad so I set out on my adventure to create content for TikTok.

At first, I made content that was currently trending, silly stuff that was easy to do. For example, when Stranger Things III was released, TikTok had the theme tune and people created videos of them going into the upside-down. I tried this but my mobile editing skills were far from what was required to make special effect content. I then tried something different. I started telling stories and my following, views and likes increased. But then I heard a track that aligned perfectly with me leaving my role at Microsoft and I had a vision of exactly what I wanted my leaving video to be like. I recorded content from my leaving party and my final moments in the office, and threw it into Premiere Pro and spent around 15 minutes editing the 15-second clip. Below you can see the clip along with the results and findings.

Once the video was published I saw over 50 likes come in immediately and to be honest the content is still growing to this very day. After a week of this video being on TikTok, it has been watched 690,000 times! I’ve grown to over 5500 followers and the watch time has just hit 2878 hours, which is equivalent to 119 full days of watching that 15-second clip!

As mentioned above, people spend an average of 53 minutes a day on TikTok. It’s got over 500 million active users worldwide with 42% of TikToks audience aged between 16 and 24. It’s nothing to be sniffed at. Marketers, it’s time to #GetFresh and this is a boat you don’t want to miss. For those of you that want to follow me on TikTok, you can @liamkingswell thanks for reading