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Douglas Burdett and the 3 ‘BIG’ Marketing Ideas!

On this week's #FreshFriday livestream to speak with our special guest Douglas Burdett. Douglas is the host of the renowned Marketing Book Podcast, with over 225 interviews under his belt and he's read every single book on the show!! Douglas has pulled together 3 Big Marketing ideas that he'd like to share with us!

Interview with Marty Neumeier and why Brand is Everything

On this week's #FreshFriday livestream to speak with our incredibly special guest Marty Neumeier. Marty is a best-selling author and over the years has worked with the likes of Apple, Google, and HP to help build their brands.

Tips and Tricks on how to Create Authentic Marketing Content

What makes content authentic? Why is authentic content important? Have no fear we're here to provide the answers

On this episode of Fresh Friday we discuss the power of authentvic video content, our special guest this week is Jack Gaisford the Managing Director of V21 a video marketing agency that create eye catching content that stands out!

If you aspire to create great marketing or video content this is an episode that you shouldn't miss!

Telling Your Brand Story & The Importance Storytelling

Telling your brand story is vital to business success and consumer engagement. But the importance of storytelling is equally as powerful.

In this #FreshFriday episode the guys discuss the importance of storytelling and telling your brand story. You'll hear Matt Davies share some storytelling tips and explain what a brand story is.

Lots of businesses get stuck on how to create a brand story, but in this episode we'll uncover whats needed.

Join us today on our #FreshFriday livestream to unlock the power of your brand! This week we will be joined by Matt Davies, author of Storyategy where we will discuss all things brand & storytelling.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint by planting some trees with Earth Star

On the eve of Winter Solstice Fresh Movement join others to help reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees.