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What is a Brand Strategist and Why are they’re Important

Sun Tzu once said - "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

Strategy is a term that's often talked about but easily forgotten. Its not just a document, its not something that laminated and stuck on wall, a vision without a strategy will remain and illusion.

Want to know more about #brand strategy? Well buckle in. On this week's #FreshFriday we have Andy Starr the co-founder of Level C. Andy and his business partner set up Level C to accredit aspiring designers, marketeers and entrepreneurs on everything to do with Brand strategy..

How to create a meaningful brand with Mitch Duckler

On this #FreshFriday we have an amazing guest Mitch Duckler to explain just that and offer his tips and guidance on how we can all break free of brand monotony. Remember to share the stream #GetFresh

How To Build A Community Driven by Fans

Why is having a community important? What does it take to build one? Want to find out how?

This #FreshFriday we have incredibly talented Xbox Pope. Pope has built a community from the ground up by designing custom consoles. His community is over 100k strong across social media with it growing every day and by every design. Pope will be telling us about his journey and what it takes to build a community.

Why fans are so important for you and your business

We're joined by Ben Rudolph for #FreshFriday. Ben is the Senior Director of #Microsoft News Labs and an advocate of creating fans, in this episode the guys will jump into how to create fans and the importance of building fans.

Why Marketing and Design Needs to be Accessible

Over 10% of the worlds population is currently living with a disability, have you considered peoples accessibility needs? These days there are many ways to market a product or a service, but has it been catered for everyone or no-one?

This week on #FreshFriday we have Steven Woodgate, Steven is an incredibly talented #marketeer with a passion for storytelling, inclusivity and accessibility. Steven will be telling us his story and how we everyone can make Marketing and Design even more accessible.