Digital Strategy

A fan-focused strategy brings it all together

We call it phygital

Many brands create separate physical and digital marketing strategies, we often find is that a blended approach of the two is where the true magic happens. Creating a compelling digital strategy can seem daunting to many, but rest assured at Fresh Movement it’s something we thrive off. Having a fan-focused strategy can make translating the ROI of social media and building fans a breeze. We’ll work with your existing teams to make sure your content is hitting the spot with your target customer base. Below are the benefits of having a fan-focused strategy;


Blended across digital and physical realities  

Aligned to business objectives

Real measurables that add value


We build fans, not followers

Followers can be bought and often don't interact with your content making your brand look disingenuous. Fans, however, elevate your brand, consume everything you create and spend more money with you. We’ve built fans through digital media for over 10 years, and with our expertise and ability, we can get you fresh. The content we create for you will always innovative, up to date and on point to help deliver your business goals.

It doesn't matter if you already have an established online presence or you simply have the ambition to try this for the first time, Fresh Movement is here to help.


The freshest and most authentic way to connect with your fans.


Reach your audiences wherever they are through the power of audio.

Ambassador Program

A strategy that builds fans both internally and externally.

Digital Strategy

A content roadmap that builds brands and fans with measurable ROI.

Digital Upskill

Tailored training and coaching to maximise your digital output.