It's time for a movement

a Fresh Movement

Brands aren't using social media for what it's been designed for and we want to change that, Fresh Movement exists to disrupt the way brands communicate. We believe in the power of fans and the power they have to build brands, they're the soul of a company’s existence and an asset that should be valued & celebrated.

Our services align to your brand, differentiate you from the pack and break through the noise whilst ensuring your brand communicates in a reliable & authentic way.

When done effectively this allows your brand to...

Attention is the number one currency for any brand. A compelling online presence is paramount to its long-term success.

Fans are often neglected and from our research, we know that fans build brands. But they want fresh, authentic, story-led content that adds value, not corporate waffle.

Maximise your output. Embrace multiple platforms, keeps you current while reducing friction with your audiences.


The freshest and most authentic way to connect with your fans.


Reach your audiences wherever they are through the power of audio.

Ambassador Program

A strategy that builds fans both internally and externally.

Digital Strategy

A content roadmap that builds brands and fans with measurable ROI.

Digital Upskill

Tailored training and coaching to maximise your digital output.

Why take action?

Speak with your fans or prepare to lose

Fans represent your brand when the going gets tough, they have your corner and they influence other customers into buying your products or services, whilst spending more themselves. And with advances in technology, along with a new generation of customers, this creates a new demand on how brands show up. It's time to take action, acknowledge your fans as one of your most valuable assets, or run the risk of being left behind.

Check out some of the data points below which tells the importance of this story.


The Toughest Brand Problems

The penultimate episode of #FreshFriday Season 2 is here! In today's climate brand and brand value is becoming more important!
In this episode of Fresh Friday we've invited Matt Davies to talk about the biggest problems, common mistakes and issues brands face in the new digital world we find ourselves in.


Branding Deep Dive with Marty Neumeier

Fresh Movement had the honour and privilege to invite the one and only Marty Neumeier to the podcast


Why Zero Friction Matters

Friction is all around us but building a brand for the future is simple, be friction-less.